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Birds of Texas

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Created 19-Mar-18
Modified 19-Mar-18
Birds of Texas


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Created 13-Aug-16
Modified 13-Aug-16


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Created 26-May-16
Modified 26-May-16

High Island 4/08

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Created 11-May-09
Modified 11-May-09
High Island 4/08

High Island 4/09

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Created 21-Jun-09
Modified 21-Jun-09
High Island 4/09

High Island 4/10

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Created 13-May-10
Modified 13-May-10
High Island 4/10

High Island 4/11

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Created 23-May-11
Modified 23-May-11
High Island 4/11

High Island 4/13

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Created 19-Mar-18
Modified 19-Mar-18
High Island 4/13


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Created 24-Apr-14
Modified 24-Apr-14

Guestbook for Tom and Lyle Photography
Hi, it was great to chat with you at the store today. Love your pictures and don't forget to look at INaturalist!
Kyle Reeves(non-registered)
Hi Tom,

Very nice. I love viewing pics and in person. Very nice indeed. What a great hobby and y'all have a keen eye for those beautiful details.
John - Panther City Photos(non-registered)
I enjoyed our conversation on the trail today. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet people and to learn from each interaction. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks for photography. Love your website!
Have a great day!
You and your Dad have a great eye and take wonderful pictures. Keep enjoying your hobby and taking great pictures.
Dennis Stewart - Nature's Realm Wildlife Photography(non-registered)
Hey Tom, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife at the FWNC on Saturday morning. I have looked at many of your images, and am indeed truly impressed. You certainly have a great gift in capturing stunning images of wildlife for all to see.
I have been visiting and taking pictures at the FWNC since 1998, and I truly love the amazing diversity of species I have discovered there. Everytime I think I have seen just about everything, something new shows up and makes my day. That said, I hope I run into you guys again, and look forward to seeing more of your photography, as again, it is simple awesome.


Dennis Stewart
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