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Marbled GodwitBlack- and- White WarblerBlack-and-White WarblerWestern TanagerWestern TanagerNorthern ParulaBaltimore Oriole (spring adult male)Least BitternPurple GallinulePurple GallinuleCommon MoorhenOrchard OrioleWhite-faced IbisWhite-faced IbisRiver OtterGreat Blue HeronBlack SkimmerClapper RailOyster CatcherYellow-crowned Night-Heron

Guestbook for High Island 4/11
Ron Conner(non-registered)
Tom & Lyle - Really great shots of some beautiful birds. I think that the Marbled Godwit and the Orchard Oriole are technically the best. I was really surprised to see the Least Bittern. I have never seen one. You two do really good stuff.
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